Monday, July 23, 2012

Nine Houston Area High School Students Receive $18,000 in Scholarships

High School Cooking Competition

On July 20th 2012, Culinary Institute LeNotre hosted its annual High School Scholarship Competition. Jean Luc Hauviller, Vice President of Enrollment, awarded nine high school students from all over the Houston area over $18,000 dollars in scholarships. The competition, which took place within Culinary Institute LeNotre kitchens and baking laboratories, was overseen by the admission staff and instructors. Each competitor provided their own recipe and ingredients while managing their cooking/baking time accordingly.
High School Cooking Competition
High School Cooking CompetitionStudents were individually critiqued by a panel of judges who based their score on taste and verbal presentation. Each student was asked why they chose the dish they prepared.
Time was a factor in this competition as well because the students were still plating their dishes down to the last few minutes! The competition was meant to replicate a realistic classroom setting that they will face in the future.
Congratulation to Emily Campbell, Giovanny Castillo, Jessie Dilgadillo, Dextanesha Gardner, Lauren Jones, Dalena Nguyen, Marissa Saucedo, David Schafer, and Laceyee Stewart. Each student received a commemorative sash, chef’s hat and medal along with their awarded scholarship.
High School Cooking CompetitionGiovanny Castillo said, “It was a lot of pressure at first, but in the end it was worth it.”
“After this experience I can’t wait to start school,” expressed Dalena Nguyen.
Thank you to all the family members and friends who supported the competitors! We look forward to seeing the high school competitors this July as they begin their studies at Culinary Institute LeNotre!
For more information about High School Scholarships contact Ellen Hogaboom at


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